Top 3 crypto projects that could revolutionize virtual reality and the metaverse

Top 3 crypto projects that could revolutionize virtual reality and the metaverse

The metaverse is seen as the next frontier of human interaction. However, the metaverse works in tandem with virtual reality. As such, most projects are trying to combine both of these aspects. Here is why metaverse and virtual reality are blowing up:

There is huge interest from institutional investors, including large tech companies

The time of metaverse and virtual interaction has finally come

We already have supporting technologies that will make this a reality

Well, if you are trying to find creative crypto projects that will unleash the metaverse and virtual reality, we have some below:

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is more of a blockchain infrastructure than a specific metaverse or virtual reality project. But infrastructure is crucial in the growth of virtual reality, and there is no better option out there than Solana. 

Data Source: Tradingview 

In fact, in recent months the chain has been attracting a huge number of gaming and virtual reality projects. Solana is famed for its high scalability, speed, and low gas fees. It is therefore a more attractive option for developers in the virtual reality niche.


CEEK VR (CEEK) wants to bring music and live performance to the metaverse. The project has in fact invested heavily in its own propriety VR glasses to give users the ultimate experience. 

So far, the CEEK universe is built with concert halls and other virtual performance venues. The project is also backed by some of the biggest music superstars in the world including Lady Gaga and others.


JEDSTAR (KRED) is designed to combine decentralized finance and GameFi. The project is currently building a virtual reality universe and comes fully integrated with an NFT marketplace as well. 

JEDSTAR will also give gamers, developers, and artists the tools they need to create content for the metaverse. The project is relatively new, so it should be a good start.

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