Hunting for microcaps Top 3 coins with less than $50 million in market cap

Hunting for microcaps Top 3 coins with less than $50 million in market cap

One of the best strategies to grow your capital from crypto would be to find low-cap coins that have so much potential. Coins below the $50 million mark in market capitalization are in particular, quite good and here is why:

Microcap coins tend to have so much room to expand

Demand for promising microcaps will always be high among investors

Small-cap projects tend to be new and often under the radar

So, if you are looking for the next big project with a small market cap today, we have listed three coins below that you can consider:

Numbers Protocol (NUM)

It seems like in recent years, everything has been going toward the blockchain. But very few projects have come up to create a decentralized photo network where artist and creators can share their work securely. 

Data Source: Tradingview 

The Numbers Protocol (NUM) is trying to address this problem by providing the infrastructure needed. With the increased popularity of NFTs, NUM could see major gains and its market cap remains at just $38 million.

Gods Unchained (GOD)

GameFi is also one area of the blockchain industry that is worth looking at. There have been many games, some of which have gone on to make huge money. Gods Unchained (GOD) appears to have that kind of potential. It’s a free-to-play card game that allows users to earn crypto rewards in the process. The project has a market cap of $35 million.

Cream Finance (CREAM)

Cream Finance (CREAM) is a lending protocol designed to offer crypto-backed loans to people around the world. There are many lending protocols of course but CREAM is trying to offer users better terms and easy access to collateralized loans. With a market cap of just $14 million, you could unlock a lot of future potential with this coin.

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