Bullieverse raises $4M to create transparent metaverse

Bullieverse raises $4M to create transparent metaverse

Bullieverse, one of the first 3D metaverses centered on content creators, has raised $4 million in a funding round led by OKX Blockdream Ventures, CoinJournal learned from a press release. 

Other notable Web3 investors who took part in the round were 6th Man Ventures (founded by TheBlock co-founder Mike Dudas), Fundamental Labs, C² Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, GravityX, Rainmaker Games, Good Games Guild, Shima Capital, Mintable, DWeb3, and more.

An immersive metaverse

Bullieverse is an immersive, open metaverse for the community of creators and players. Gamers enjoy the fair and transparent monetization underlying the play and earn economy and an overall extraordinary experience.

Ever-expanding product offerings

Bullieverse features an ever-growing range of product offerings. The first major game on the metaverse is The Bear Hunt, which will be available to the public in Q1 2022. At the moment, you can sign up for the game, kill bears, and receive unique Bear NFTs as a reward.

Srini Anala, CEO and cofounder of Bullieverse, commented:

Closing this funding round is a key milestone in Bullieverse journey. We now have all the momentum we need to achieve our vision of being ‘The Metaverse’ platform. We will double down on our focus of our themes ‘Play, Earn, Own and Experience’ by executing our product and growth roadmaps. There are very few Web 3.0 projects that have a live product even before token launch – and we are one of them. We are also the first 3D metaverse play on Unreal Engine with a live game. The next 12 to 18 months of execution is critical and we look forward to that.

Mike Dudas and Serge Kassardjian of 6th Man Ventures added:

As investors in the Web 3.0 space, we focus on product and the team. Bullieverse clearly has a top tier metaverse-gaming product, and is led by a very experienced and balanced team. Both 6th Man Ventures and Bullieverse believe in the true potential of Play-and-Earn gaming, its ability to expand and reign in the gaming industry. We look forward to having a great journey together!

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