Backup Your Crypto with Trezor’s Shamir HODL Pack

Backup Your Crypto with Trezor’s Shamir HODL Pack

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Keeping your crypto safe is always of utmost importance, regardless of how much you own. In theory, all you need to do is keep your private keys as safe as you can, which includes the seed. In practice, it’s not always so simple: you can misplace a piece of paper with the data, forget it when moving homes, or simply not have a safe enough place for something of that importance. Luckily, a new Trezor product is making it easier than ever to keep all your sensitive crypto data secure and away from prying eyes.

What Are Seeds?

If you have been part of the cryptocurrency space for longer than, say, a few minutes, you are likely to have run into the word “seed.” If you’ve been here for longer than an hour, you probably know it has something to do with security. But what?

Seed phrases are used to restore bitcoin or altcoin funds that you have lost access to. When you create a wallet, the software usually gives you a phrase made of random words that you’re supposed to copy and keep safe somewhere where nobody can reach it, preferably on a piece of paper. This is then used in case your computer breaks down or you get malware and lose your data, in order to regain access to your wallet.

The drawback is obvious: if you can use that seed phrase to get to the funds, so can anyone else. While keeping the phrase on a piece of paper is what most wallet softwares recommend, what if you share your living area with someone else? This is where seed capsules come into play.

Backup Your Crypto with Trezor’s Shamir HODL Pack 102

Trezor/Shamir: A Match Made in Crypto Safety Heaven

If you want to take your security to the next level—complete with futuristic-looking data capsules that would put any sci-fi nerd to shame—the new Shamir HODL Pack by Trezor is everything you wanted and more. Available until supplies last, it includes a Trezor Model T hardware wallet and five Cryptosteel Capsules.

The Trezor Model T is an advanced cryptocurrency hardware wallet meant to serve as the master key for all your digital assets. With several industry standards developed by Trezor, including the latest Shamir Backup (SLIP39), the wallet is one of the most robust yet intuitive solutions available on the market. In addition to keeping your data safe, it also serves as a U2F (Universal 2nd-Factor) hardware token, with a small screen that shows you the details of any authentication request before you approve it. It supports more than 1,200 coins, making it extremely versatile.

To keep your seed phrase as safe as possible, the pack also includes five Cryptosteel Capsules, so you can distribute the seed evenly across the capsules. This minimizes the risk of anyone getting access to the entire phrase at once. The capsule features adjustable separators and comes with a full ASCII-character-set supporting random passwords with numbers and symbols. Its design means that whatever you store is accessible to you without being visible at first glance.

All of this means that the Shamir HODL Pack is a one stop shop for all things crypto safety: with innovative design and a state-of-the-art approach to security, this is a perfect solution for all crypto enthusiasts. However, the deal only lasts until Trezor runs out of stock, so hurry and get your own!

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