As Bitcoin Reaches 19-Month High, Galaxy Fox Hits $400K in Stage 2 Presale

As Bitcoin Reaches 19-Month High, Galaxy Fox Hits $400,000 in Stage 2 Presale

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The digital landscape is pulsating with energy, and there’s a lot to unpack. Bitcoin (BTC), a giant among cryptocurrencies, is soaring to a 19-month high and creating a buzz in the market. Galaxy Fox’s first stage presale has now sold out! Let’s delve into the stories of Bitcoin’s resurgence and the meteoric rise of Galaxy Fox.

First things first: let’s talk about Bitcoin. If you’ve been riding the crypto rollercoaster, you know that keeping an eye on miner revenue is like checking the pulse of the entire Bitcoin network. It’s the heartbeat that reveals the health and sustainability of the system.

Over the past year, the 365-day simple moving average and rolling sum have been trusty companions in this journey. From January to June 2023, miner revenues fell, but it’s not a doomsday scenario. The recent uptick to $9.34 billion in November hints at a recovery and possibly a bullish phase ahead.

Galaxy Fox Presale Stage One Sold Out

Galaxy Fox: skilled gamers navigating the P2E galaxy, earning rewards, and competing for the top 20% spot on the leaderboard. These champions’ bag prizes can be swapped for the coveted GFOX tokens.

But Galaxy Fox isn’t just another player in the crypto game. It’s a memeable, adorable universe with characters that are not only featured on the coolest NFT collectibles, but which will transcend the digital realm and grace the real world on merchandise. 

The token presale is where the real action is. Galaxy Fox has reached a significant milestone of $450,000. Unique NFTs with in-game bonuses, a native marketplace, and the promise of residual income through staking.


Presale opportunities like Galaxy Fox that are open to normal retail investors don’t come along very often. The GameFi narrative is gaining traction, and this project is grabbing a lot of attention thanks to its versatile functionality as a meme/P2E hybrid. With a strong response so far from its ICO, and an ecosystem that’s got a lot going for it, GFOX could end up being popular meme coins of 2024.

Learn more about GFOX here: Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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